Already tried pure dry Mead with a Venison Steak? Now is the time!

Venison Steak with Mead Jere

Did early humans drink mead with their steaks when returning from the hunt? We know that mead is likely the oldest fermented beverage in the world, so this could be the case.

As you see, today’s creation is a grilled venison tomahawk steak, seasoned with juniper berries, salt and pepper, laid on a pumpkin puree with a side of broccoli.

Venison Steak with Mead Jere

What is the thought behind this mead & steak dish?

The thought behind this dish is to put the meat into the spotlight and keep the side dishes to a minimum. We tried to keep the tastes as authentic as possible, therefore, minimal spices were used. The pumpkin was cooked in water until soft and blended into a puree with a touch of butter and nutmeg. Brocolli was simply cooked in salted water. Before putting the steak onto the grill, we spiced it with crushed pepper, juniper berries, salt and added a few drops of oil.

Venison Steak with Mead Jere

It is remarkable how some tastes simply fit together perfectly and part of it could be the historical connection.⁣ So why serve a dry, forest honey mead from Meadery Jere with this venison tomahawk steak? Firstly, the game meat originates from the forest and this honey wine is made by fermenting forest honey. Juniper berries, which were used for seasoning the meat are also wild berries. The pumpkin puree brings out the slightly sweet undertones found in venison and the wine. We could write about the harmony of these tastes for hours, but we don’t want to make you too hungry.

Do you need an idea for a meal that is just as tasty but even lighter? Make a Leafy greens raspberry salad with goat cheese and serve with mead!

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