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We are a family of four and we are all passionate about bees, fermentation, spakling mead, food pairing, and interacting with you; our clients!

Our Latest Achievements

pope francis receives sparkling mead jere as a gift papež frančišek dobi penečo medico jere kot darilo
jere meadery medals
  • 2020: Best traditional DRY mead on Mead Madness Cup 2020!
  • 2018: Our Sparkling Mead received a gold medal on the New York Finger lakes international wine competition
  • 2019: Sparkling Mead Jere was gifted to Pope Francis
  • 2019: our chestnut mead received a gold medal on the New York’s Great American international wine competition
  • 2019: Our Sparkling Mead was served on an FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations) conference.


meadery jere in hong kong medena vina jere v hong kongu
  • By purchasing our products, we commit to investing back into our bee families and pollination.


  • We prioritize the quality of our products, love for nature, and the health of our bees. You can taste it in every drop.


  • Honey beverages JERE are the result of a unique fusion of history and the power of nature with modern winemaking techniques. 

From Slovenia, the heart of Europe

  • Slovenia is a small country with an incredibly diverse landscape, clean nature and very high water quality.


  • Therefore, Slovenia’s complex Terroir positively affects the taste of honey, which is the base for all honey wines and sparkling meads.


  • As the birthplace of beekeeping, its apicultural practices are among the most sustainable in the world.
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