Mead – honey wine

Experience pure mead Jere!

- most likely the oldest alcoholic beverage in the world

Pure mead/Honey wine is made by fermenting honey

kostanjevo medeno vino jere chestnut honey wine mead jere
  • Explore different levels of sweetness and honey varieties and find out which one suits your taste preferences.


  • There is no other wine where you can smell & taste the forests and meadows.


  • Pure mead is truly sustainable. By keeping bees, which pollinate a major part of the world food crops, we actively help the environment.

There is pure mead for every taste! Discover new food pairing options, mead recipies and tasty cocktails!

How is our mead made?

~Mead is by fermenting honey. The yeast will turn the natural sugar, found in the honey-water solution to alcohol~

sparkling mead-making process izdelava penečega medenega vina jere how to make

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