Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

We hold the right to change the product prices on our webshop. Only the price, which is published when the order is being placed, is considered valid. The final price which includes the shipping cost will be written as the total amount of the order. The shipping cost will be evident before you confirm the order.

After the successful completion of the order, the customer will receive an order confirmation with the necessary information regarding your order by email.


The customer has the right to cancel the order no later than 24 hours after the order confirmation was sent to his/her email account. The order cancellation notice should be sent to our email: info@jere-eu.com. 


The customer is responsible for the correctness of the filled-in order information. We do not take responsibility for any delivery mistakes which result from entering the wrong shipping address details.


An original receipt will be sent with the ordered package. The electronic version of the receipt will be always available to the customer in their account profile. The customer can have access to it any time, namely, in his/her user profile.

We accept online credit card payments, as well as bank transactions.






Phone : +386 40 511 653

Company’s registration number:  2477882000

Tax number: 77465504

We are not a taxable person


Business account number: 

IBAN: SI56 6100 0001 8308 418, BIC:HDELSI22

IBAN: SI56 1010 0005 2520 354, BIC:BAKOSI2X

Terms of delivery:

Products in stock will be delivered within 5 working days from the order confirmation. The package will be delivered with a delivery service, which in our case is called “Pošta Slovenje/The Post of Slovenia” to the provided address.

The customer is obligated to pay the shipping cost if the value of the total order does not equal or exceed 90,- €. The shipping fee includes the total cost of shipping and the customer will not be billed with any additional fees in the shipping process. As mention above, the cost of shipping is transparent and evident before the order confirmation. In case the order value exceeds 90,-€, there will be no shipping cost. In case the customer is unavailable and does not receive the package, the delivery provider will either leave a note to the customer or visit him/her again. All the shipments are insured, meaning that we replace the delivery with a new one or return the money in case of any occurred damage.

In case of a delay in delivery, we will inform the customer by using the provided contact details. Pošta Slovenije/The Post of Slovenia is responsible for any damages and lost packages. In case of a damaged or lost package, the customer must inform the post provider or the seller (Meadery Jere). We will send a new package immediately after receiving such information.


The purchase contract will be held in the company’s headquarters and the customer can receive it after a written request.


The customer can send the written request to the following address:


Čebelarstvo Gregor Jere
Novo naselje 5b
1261 Ljubljana – Dobrunje

The right to a withdrawal from the purchase contract

If the customer would like to exercise a withdrawal from the contract, this can be done in 30 days from the date when the possession of the package took place. The customer can do that by returning the package (sending it back to the headquarters) and giving us notice. No explanation is needed. The package should arrive back to the headquarters in 5 working days from the day you sent the notice. The package should be undamaged and should include all products with the exception that the customer is not responsible for the damage.

We kindly ask our customers to inform us about their requests in regard to package return. Please send a written request to the following address:

Čebelarstvo Gregor Jere
Novo naselje 5b
1261 Ljubljana – Dobrunje

We will make a refund in 3 working days from the day we received the returned package by bank transfer or postal money. For further information on the return/refund procedure, you can contact the number: +386 40 511 653.


By agreeing to the terms and conditions when placing the order, the customer grants us permission to add his/her email address to our mailing list (newsletter). The customer has the right to unsubscribe at any time. 

We pledge to lastingly safeguard customers’ personal data and the data of all visitors of our web site. The data will not be used for any other purpose than to keep the necessary documentation. Personal customer data or the data of our website visitor will not be passed to a third party. However, we do use some third party plugins/cookies. More details about it are in the next paragraph. We use several procedures in order to keep customers’ data safe.


Cookies play a key role in guaranteeing high-quality services. With their help, different settings, which are crucial for our statistics and site optimization, are set automatically. Cookies are used in order for the site to be able to run smoothly and stay optimized and not for any other purpose. As written in the disclaimer which appears when users enter the site, the users agree to the cookies by continuing to use the site.

Our website uses cookies that were set by us aka 1st party cookies. These are absolutely necessary for the website to be able to run smoothly. The cookies we use for the signing in the process do not need a special confirmation from users as they are an exception by law.

We do use third-party cookies to be able to provide a newsletter and run basic statistics:

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Before the purchase, customers confirm that they are of legal drinking age. Selling alcohol to minors is prohibited.