How to make a Tropical Mead Cocktail in only 3 steps:

tropical passion fruit cocktail with Mead Jere

We will show you how to make a refreshing tropical mead cocktail in just 3 easy steps! The cocktail will combine the flavors of melon, mead, oranges, and passion fruit. Sounds good? Then keep on reading.

Oftentimes, cocktail recipes call for bought syrups and juices. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but we think, that cocktails made of real, whole fruits taste much better. They tend to be healthier, less expensive, and you can be sure that they contain nothing but natural sugars. Most importantly, you can have lots of fun making them as well. Let us show you how to make this tropical mead cocktail from scratch!

  • 8 cl of canary melon puree
  • 8 cl of sweet mead made of flower honey. We used the one from Meadery Jere.
  • 8 cl of fresh orange juice
  • 1 passion fruit
  • Ice cubes
  • A few lemon drops (optional)

Pretty streight forward, right?

tropical passion fruit cocktail with Mead Jere
The 3-step process:
Step 1:

As we are using fresh fruit, it is important to pick it well. Make sure that your melon is soft and sweet and that the oranges are juicy. Cut and blend the melon with a couple of drops of lemon until smooth, then, squeeze the oranges. Blending a whole, medium-sized melon, will probably get you enough puree for around six to eight cocktails.

Step 2:

Add the mead, melon puree, orange juice, and ice to your cocktail mixer. Shake it well and pour it into a pre-chilled whiskey tumbler. Cut the passion fruit in half. Scoop the flesh out of one half with a spoon and add it to the top of the cocktail.

Step 3:

Make a shallow, vertical cut into the passion fruit peel of the other half, so it will be able to sit on the edge of the glass. Serve the cocktail with a spoon, so the person drinking it, can scoop out the refreshing passion fruit flesh on their own.

tropical passion fruit cocktail with Mead Jere

The combination of fresh tropical fruit with a very aromatic sweet, floral mead won’t let any of your wishes unanswered. Well, maybe you’ll want something sweet to go with it … you know, to use up the leftover sweet mead. You could try making this Mead-infused Vanilla & Banana Ice Cream dessert!

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