The ultimate Summer Mead Cocktail!

natural Mohito with Mead Jere

Do you have some fresh lemon balm/mint on hand? Try making this refreshing summer cocktail!☀️

You only need some fresh lime, lemon balm/mint, semi-sweet mead, sparkling water and crushed ice. Unlike for Mojitos or Caipirinhas, NO sugar is needed for this cocktail! The alcohol we are using is naturally sweet … isn’t that amazing?! You don’t even need a cocktail mixer as this cocktail comes together beautifully in a glass.⁣⁣ 

How you can recreate it:⁣⁣ 
• 1/2 a lime (cut in 4 pieces & muddle)⁣⁣ 
• 12cl of semi-sweet mead from Meadery Jere.
• a handful of lemon balm/mint⁣⁣ 
• add crushed ice and stir⁣⁣ 
• top with sparkling water and more crushed ice⁣⁣ 

Did you notice the heart-shaped lemon balm leaf? Sometimes, we just need to stop and appreciate the little things … and delicious cocktails of course!⁣ 

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